Oh, hello!

My name is Ross Heintzkill and I am a writer and editor

What Do I Write?

Companies hire me to write and edit words. They use my words to sell products, tell stories, boost SEO, improve their brand, encourage customers, communicate with clients, and show a good face on social media.

I’m a content writer. My clients tell me the point they’re trying to make and who they’re trying to make it to, and I provide the voice, the research, the format and the content to make that point effectively.

I have years of experience writing hundreds of thousands of words for:

  • Blog posts
  • Essays
  • Articles
  • White Papers
  • Product Descriptions
  • Video Descriptions
  • Video Scripts
  • Newsletters
  • Website Content

But that’s just a list of products. That doesn’t explain what my writing does.

What Does Good Content Writing Do?

Increases Sales “Surface Area”

An IT-focused training company wanted to rebuild their course catalog. They had hundreds of thousands of hours of online streaming videos. They asked me to break down their big courses into more digestible chunks.

The audience was students seeking shorter, specific training. The aim was to write product descriptions for hundreds of new, smaller courses that focused on the individual skills.

I re-contextualized their entire product catalog. I wrote over 120,000 words in product descriptions. After the project wrapped, the contract was extended and I edited the entire catalog — including every submission from other freelancers.

Boosts SEO Results

A company had thousands of hours of YouTube content, but the descriptions were short and not optimized for search results. Their videos were shared by word-of-mouth, but they weren’t appearing in searches.

The audience was professionals doing YouTube searches for highly specific, industry-related content. The aim was to write descriptions for the videos that had better use of SEO principles.

I watched hundreds of hours of videos, then described their content with SEO-focused words — all without parroting the words (which would harm SEO). This context brought in viewers and boosted SEO for their 220 best-performing YouTube videos.

Connects and Engages over Social Media

Part of one company’s social media strategy is “zooming in” on interesting tidbits taken out of their educational blog posts. By pulling out interesting facts and telling fun stories, readers get pushed to the brand’s articles.

The audience is current and new customers. The aim is to generate brand recognition while driving traffic to the posts.

I extracted and researched hundreds of individual facts from their articles and wrote interesting “blurbs” for social media.

Puts Data To Good Use

An e-learning company had a huge amount of data about jobs all over the country. They wanted to do something with all that data. They asked me to analyze the data and publish essays that highlighted hidden job opportunities.

The audience was new and existing IT employees. The desired result was to increase readers’ appetite for getting training.

I analyzed job opportunities in different states, industries and experience levels and wrote over 50,000 words that encouraged students to advance their careers.

Enhances Existing Content’s Value

A company had hundreds of successful YouTube videos and wanted to use them to boost their site’s SEO. They wanted the content of the videos converted into blog posts. That way, the content would be searchable and would boost SEO. But it was important that the posts not be transcripts — they needed to read naturally.

I transcribed hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, then wrote dozens of new blog posts. These worked well with their existing blog style and boosted SEO.

Polishes Your Points

All sorts of people and organizations need a professional editor.

Working professionals usually have better things to do. Understaffed print publications need on-call editors. Non-native English speakers want their points to sound effortless and casual.

I’ve edited hundreds of thousands of words for a huge array of audiences and voices. I’ve edited formal business memos, academic journal submissions, company blogs, personal communications, print magazines, white papers, and more.

Lends a Voice

Many people need ghostwriters, and why not?

Some people don’t feel confident in their ability to make themselves understood in writing. Others don’t have total mastery of English. Others could write if they had more time. Sometimes people just don’t want to.

I’ve written blog posts, emails, white papers, essays, and articles on behalf of the person who would go on to put their name on the piece. This means choosing voice, style and presentation very carefully, performing in-depth interviews and researching thoroughly.

So, Is Ross Heintzkill A Copy Writer?

No, I consider myself a content writer — not a copy writer. For some people, there’s no difference between those, and that’s fine — I can do both. But I happen to think there’s a difference between writing content and copy writing.

How Do I Hire Ross Heintzkill?

Do you need words written? Do you need stories told? Are you early in your product release and want to feel out possibilities for marketing? Or are you late in your product life cycle and want to boost awareness and SEO?

No matter what you need words to accomplish, I think I can help you out. Find me on Twitter @rossheintzkill, or fill out this contact form: