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J611 Week 7 Journal

We Haven’t Arrived at the End of History It’s easy to forget that right now¬†only matters because we’re the ones noticing it. Relative to literally everything else, it’s not actually that important. Believe it or not, we’re not at the start of history or the end of it — we’re not even the most important …

J611 Week 6 Journal

The costs of full digitization are myriad and legion. There are barriers to getting everyone in the world full internet access that are macroscopic, applying to economies of scale. And there are barriers that are personal and closer, like when companies fail to embrace their social and global responsibility. This week had articles from a …

J611 Week 4 Journal

Let’s Outlaw Advertising and Other Lofty Goals Ramsi Woodcock at the University of Kentucky suggests that a core problem with television and mass media is that advertising represents a monopolistic hold on competition and effectively strangles free speech of companies that don’t provide sugary death water to 60% of the planet. His solution seems to …


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