A portrait of Ross Heintzkill from the shoulders up, looking square at the camera

I’m Ross Heintzkill. I’m a tall nerd who lives in Oregon. If it’s sci-fi/fantasy, there’s a good chance I’ve read, played or seen it.

Sorry, but it’s 3rd person from here on out.¬†You, dear reader, know “I” or “me” means Ross Heintzkill. But search engines don’t.

Ross Heintzkill is a freelance writer and journalist

Ross Heintzkill, circa 2015, emceeing an event and holding a microphone. A perfectly odd moment captured by the photographer.Ross Heintzkill has been a freelance writer for many years and clients. His writing spans search engine optimization web copy to corporate white papers. His clientele vary from chiropractor nutritionists to firearms training specialists.

Heintzkill has explained complex technological advancements for high-tech companies’ blogs and he’s published weekly newsletters for a rock and roll venue in Los Angeles.

In 2018, Ross Heintzkill enrolled at the University of Oregon in the Masters of Journalism program. He’s covered small businesses, education software and local political friction.

Ross Heintzkill Makes Websites

Ross Heintzkill seated in front of a bookshelf, pondering something -- we know not whatRoss Heintzkill is an experienced web developer proficient in HTML and CSS, PHP, Javascript and WordPress.

As a web developer, Heintzkill is experienced most in backend optimization. He regularly provides hosting and domain support via GoDaddy, 1and1, SiteGround and many others. Heintzkill’s clientele range from individuals and small businesses to large-scale enterprises.

Ross Heintzkill is most familiar with WordPress. Heintzkill can install, customize and code WordPress themes, plugins, stores and installations.

Ross Heintzkill is a U.S. Air Force Veteran

Ross Heintzkill

Ross Heintzkill stands facing a rearview mirror with Venice's canals behind him

is a U.S. Air Force veteran. After 5 years, Heintzkill left Active Duty in 2017 a Staff Sergeant. Heintzkill’s AFSC was 1N451B, Network Intelligence Analyst.

Ross Heintzkill circa 2007 in Pompeii

All 5 years of Active Duty were spent on Langley Air Force Base in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He was stationed with the 30th Intelligence Squadron, the 497th Operations Support Squadron and finally the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing. He spent the last two years of Active Duty on the staff for the Director of Operations, 480th ISRW.

After leaving Active Duty, Heintzkill spent 18 months in the Oregon Air National Guard at Camp Rilea with the 116ACS.

Ross Heintzkill’s Resume

If you insist on seeing it, a fairly-complete resume can be found here.