Who is Ross Heintzkill?

A portrait of Ross Heintzkill from the shoulders up, looking square at the camera

Ross Heintzkill is a tall nerd who lives in Oregon, working as a writer and editor. In addition to being a trained journalist, Ross is an Air Force veteran, where he got training and experience as a global operations project manager.

Ross’ nerdiness lies in books, video games, and movies. If it’s sci-fi/fantasy, there’s a good chance he’s read, played or seen it. He’s also got an odd sense of humor that motivates him to post ironic, unattractive photos of himself on his personal website, and then tangentially explain that choice in the body of the text.

Ross and his wife have an Australian Shepherd named Fern. She’s adorable, but often just a little bit too smart for her own good.

Ross Heintzkill is a freelance writer and journalist

Ross Heintzkill, circa 2015, emceeing an event and holding a microphone. A perfectly odd moment captured by the photographer.

Although Ross has done a lot of freelance work over the last two decades, most recently he’s been writing and editing. He’s worked with dozens of clients. His writing has ranged from search engine optimization, webpage content, to corporate white papers. His clientele has varied from chiropractor nutritionists to firearms training specialists.

Once, he even accidentally took on a client who had him write a lengthy profile of a Minneapolis bar. Later, she revealed it was for her college Journalism program; he finished the job, then fired her when she asked him to get her another A.

Heintzkill has explained complex technological advancements for high-tech companies’ blogs and he’s also published weekly newsletters for a rock and roll venue in Los Angeles.

In 2018, Ross Heintzkill earned his Master’s in Journalism from the University of Oregon. A trained journalist, Ross has covered small businesses, education software and local political friction.

Ross Heintzkill Used to Make Websites

Ross Heintzkill seated in front of a bookshelf, pondering something -- we know not what

Ross Heintzkill is an experienced web developer proficient in HTML and CSS, PHP, Javascript and WordPress.

Ross draws on that background in web development to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He’s not only familiar with the technical limitations of implementing SEO, but he knows how to write the right number of words in the right order.

When pressed, Ross can still remember a bit of HTML and CSS, but only enough to be dangerous.

Ross Heintzkill is a U.S. Air Force Veteran

Ross Heintzkill stands facing a rearview mirror with Venice's canals behind him

Ross Heintzkill is a U.S. Air Force veteran. After 5 years, Heintzkill left Active Duty in 2017 a Staff Sergeant. All 5 years of Active Duty were spent on Langley Air Force Base in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Ross Heintzkill circa 2007 in Pompeii

After leaving Active Duty, Heintzkill spent 18 months in the Oregon Air National Guard at Camp Rilea with the 116ACS.

How Can I Get A Hold of Ross Heintzkill?

How nice of you to ask! I can be found infrequently on Twitter @rossheintzkill or by filling out this contact form: