Freelance Writer and Journalist
Freelance Writer and Journalist
(818) THREE ZERO SIX – 7180
Eugene, Oregon

I’m Ross Heintzkill. I put words on pages.

I’ve written:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Corporate white papers
  • Articles
  • Research papers.
M.S., Journalism
University of Oregon2018


B.A., Political Science
Ripon College, Ripon WI2006-2010
  • National Security Award.
    • Ripon College Politics and Government Department, 2010 (2 recipients)
  • Alumni Association Award.
  • Ripon College Alumni Association, 2010 (2 recipients)
  • Bob Cole Award, 2008.
    • “Award is presented to the student who… most clearly represents… devotion to social justice, empathy for the powerless, willingness to entertain radical solutions to far-reaching problems, eagerness to experiment with unorthodox methods of teaching and learning, and informed appreciation of popular culture in all its manifestations.” (excerpted from award text)
High School Diploma
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles2001-2005
Global Operations Training Program Manager
United States Air Force2012-2018


  • Managed global training standards across 35 subordinate units at 11 worldwide sites.
    • Steward of training materials for 2,200 signals intelligence (SIGINT) analysts to train nine different programs within three unique disciplines.
    • Regularly advised executive leadership on worldwide training status and mission operations.
    • Coordinated regular updates to materials based on evolving needs of the operation, which required balancing standardization of global operations against local methods and practices.
    • Visited subordinate sites to explain policies, inspect programs and build rapport with subordinate units.
  • Created standardized reporting practices across geographically separated units for program collaboration.
    • While investigating program health, identified widespread manpower inefficiencies. Managed plan for overhauling training processes.


  • On separate occasions, delivered extemporaneous remarks to the Secretary of the Air Force, Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Chief of Staff of the Air Force. 


  • Proficient in data manipulation and analysis. Hand-coded Excel spreadsheet to automate data retrieval from 10 subordinate units previously being performed monthly by hand.
  • Analyzed military intelligence and reported findings to broad global audience of researchers.


  • Trained and experienced supervisor.
    • Responsible for performance reports and applying appropriate encouragement or discipline.
  • Volunteered and oversaw unit’s resilience/suicide awareness and prevention program and instruction.
  • Selected to plan and host global conference on system modernization initiative.
    • Surveyed existing systems and processes; developed taxonomy about the new process; published changes.
Resilience Training Apprentice
United States Air Force2014-2018

Certified to train Comprehensive Airman Fitness Program, Department of Defense-developed training focused on mental health, work-induced stress, suicide prevention, etc.

  • Regularly prepared & delivered training scenarios related to specific job performance, as well as mental health, resilience, suicide prevention & response, etc. (audiences ranged 10-200 attendees)