Does Ross Heintzkill Do SEO?

Yes. I’m an SEO writer and I’ve been writing search engine optimization content for years. I weave SEO best practices into all my writing.

What are SEO best practices? First, a goldilocks-saturation of keywords. Second, weaving in and spreading out keywords — both head and long-tail. Third, it’s crucial that articles are clearly organized with good sub-headings. And above all, writing in clear, understandable language.

Good SEO Depends on Web Development Knowledge

For years, I worked as a web developer. I coded in HTML, CSS, and PHP. I learned the fundamentals of clean code and well-organized pages and sitemaps. This experience has helped me understand how to implement SEO analysis, and also the 20,000ft view of SEO approaches.

This also means that I’m able to use many of the SEO/SEM tools that companies use to query sites and pages and read the results. I’ve worked with SEO consultants to re-write the codes of pages as well as the content to create a better SEO impact for the company.

What, exactly, is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is writing the content of something online so that humans and search engines can both understand what the writing is about, thus improving the page’s or site’s standing in search results.

If you think about it, search engines have a pretty tough job. They need to read the entire Internet, figure out what every website is for, and then decide which site is the “best” for the billions of questions that get asked every day.

SEO is when you write the words of a webpage so that they’re easy for the little robots that search engines use to figure out. But good SEO isn’t just for robots — it also has to be good for the humans who’ll come to your site. So SEO writing is a combination of using the right number of keywords in the right frequency, so that robots know what you’re site is about, while making the information useful and relevant to people doing searches.